The G. P. Savvidis Historical Catalogue is an indispensable part of the Cavafy archive. The typewritten catalogue consists of two discrete parts. The first part, entitled “Detailed Catalogue of the Cavafy Archive” includes brief descriptions of the archive’s items; each item is marked with an identifier reflecting the numbering of the attendant microfilm and frames produced in 1963, when the archive was microphotographed by G. P. Savvidis. In the second part of the catalogue entitled “Detailed Genre Classification of the Cavafy Archive” the contents of the archive are divided in thematic categories such as “Poems”, “Literary and Philological texts”, “Personal Papers” etc. The G. P. Savvidis Historical catalogue constitutes both an invaluable source of information regarding the previous classification of the archive as well as a useful tool for researchers who wish to study the archive’s history.