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An amendment of the present Terms shall not be valid nor considered as part of the Terms unless it is recorded and proven in writing and incorporated in the present Terms.

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The Company is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of its Website visitors/users. This privacy policy (hereinafter “the Policy”) defines this commitment by setting out the personal data that the Company may collect, the use of such information by the Company, as well as, information on the actions that a visitor/use may or shall perform in relation to the processing of its personal data during visit/use of the Website.

This Policy may be amended and/or updated at any time and without notice. In this respect, the Company will ensure that the Website contains at all times the applicable Privacy Policy in order for the visitor/user to be duly informed. By continuing to use the Website, the visitor/user is deemed to accept the amended/updated Policy and its services. Therefore, the Website visitor/user is kindly requested to check periodically the Policy.

The management and protection of the personal data of the Website visitor/user is subject to these Terms, as well as, the relevant provisions of the applicable Greek law for the protection of the individual from the processing of the personal data, as supplemented by decisions of the competent administrative authority and also of the European legislation (mainly EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679).

In view of the above, the Website visitor/user shall refrain from using the Website in case he/she disagrees with the terms of the Policy.


The access and use of the Website is primarily allowed without the obligation to provide the Company with any personal data. However, the Website visitor/user may be required, while signing in certain services of the Website, to register for the acquisition of a password and/or collection and processing of personal data for the purposes defined herein.

The personal data that we may collect include:

Basic information (such as name, surname);

Contact information (such as address, phone number, email address);

Information that the Website visitor/user may provide;

Information that is legally collected and processed by publicly available sources.


The Company is entitled to maintain a record and process the personal data of the Website visitor/user that gains access to through the Website. The Company shall collect and process the personal data only with consent of the Website visitor/user who shall provide such data on his/her own will with the purpose of accessing the aforementioned applications or services that are available on the Website.

By providing the data during log in the Website, the visitor/user will be deemed to give consent to the collection, use and transfer of such data under the terms of this Policy. In all cases, the Website visitor/user shall be asked specifically to give explicitly his/her consent to such processing and acceptance of this Policy prior to completion of the subscription procedure.

In particular, the Website visitor/user shall accept and give consent so that the Company, under the terms of the applicable legislation, maintains record and processes the personal data that may be collected through the Website with the purpose of gaining access to the offered services, accommodation, support and execution of the contractual relationship between the Company and the Website visitor/user; in addition, by specific consent the Website visitor/user may grant the right to the Company to use the data for statistical purposes and for informative purposes regarding the products and services of the Company.

It is hereby clarified that the processing of the personal data shall be performed solely in order to ensure the operation of the respective Website service. The Company and any third party shall use the data only in compliance with the applicable laws on data protection. The Company acts in conformity with the applicable legislation and aims to implement the proper practice in relation to the internet.

The personal data which are collected by the Company through the Website shall be safely maintained for the whole duration of registration of the Website visitor/user in any service of the Company or for as long as it is required for the particular processing purpose. The data shall be deleted upon termination for any reason of the contractual relationship between the Company and the Website visitor/user or in the event that the aforementioned reasons for processing cease to exist, by taking also into consideration the Company’s obligations under the applicable legislation.

Recipients of the data may be, apart from the Company, also affiliate or associate entities that intervene for the promotion, support and accommodation of the contractual relationship and only for the purpose of providing services of cyber -communications or added value services which the Website visitor/user may have requested and always subject to the terms of the applicable law. Unless it is explicitly provided in this Policy or required by law and/or the competent authorities (such as indicatively, judicial, police and other administrative authorities, upon their lawful request) the Company shall not disclose, transfer, transmit or in any way dispose any information of any Website visitor/user without the latter’s consent.

The safety of the Website visitors/users’ personal data is of utmost importance to us. The Company is committed to ensure that it maintains the appropriate technical and organizational measures to help protect the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the Website visitor/user’s personal information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, alteration or destruction consistent with applicable data protection laws. However, while the Company undertakes all efforts to protect the personal information of the Website visitor/users, the Company cannot guarantee the security of the information transmitted to our Website as this is made at the risk of the Website visitor/user.


The Website visitor/user is entitled to exercise at any time the rights that are attributed by the applicable data protection laws (and primarily of EU Regulation 2016/679) under the requirements and limitations set, namely:

– the right of information regarding his/her data that are processed by us;

– the right of access to his/her personal data that we hold;

– the right of request for rectification of such information;

– the right of erasure of the data;

– the right of restriction or objection to the processing;

– the right of portability of his/her data to other controller or processor.

In the event that the Website visitor/user objects to the processing by the Company of his/her personal information or in case he/she wishes to withdraw his/her consent (as this will have been previously granted) to such processing, the Company will abide by the respective instructions with our legal obligations, provided that such instructions are given in writing. Please note that objection or withdrawal of previously given consent will result to the Company being unable to achieve the purposes set out in this Policy. It is noted that withdrawal of consent will have effect only for the future; any processing based on consent remains lawful until the time of its withdrawal. The Company may be able to continue to process the data even after the withdrawal of consent only to the extent permitted by law in order to abide by its legal obligations and/or defend its rights.

In the event that a Website visitor/user wishes to exercise any of these rights, the Company shall undertake all necessary measures to satisfy the relevant request within the time limits set by the law, by notifying the visitor/user in writing of the satisfaction of the request or alternatively the reasons that prevent the exercise of such rights or satisfaction of such request.

For the exercise of the above rights, any Website visitor/user may address his/her request in writing to the Company (email: to the attention of the Data Protection Officer).

In addition, any Website visitor/user who objects to the processing of the data by the Company is entitled to address a request to the competent supervisory authority (Greek Data Protection Authority), which reviews written complaints in accordance with the instructions provided for in its website (


Technical information that is not personally identifiable, may be collected automatically in certain cases when a website visitor/user visits or uses the Website. Examples of such information are browser, PC operation system, domain name of the webpage from which the connection was made, location.


We use cookies for the better operation of the Website and provisions of our services as well as, browsing in the Website.

Cookies are data files that are transferred from one web browser to the computer of the person visiting the Website. Cookies consist of an industrial standard that are used by the majority of web locations in order to enable the repeated access of the website visitors/users to a particular web location and its use.

Cookies are not harmful for the computer system of the website visitor/user or his/her files thus the web browser from which the cookies were transferred may be able to read, amend or delete such cookies. In this respect, the Website remembers the actions and preferences of its visitors/users for a specific time period, in order to provide e.g. personalized internet advertisements, visit analysis or any other statistical analysis, thus any services that were requested. In this way, there is no need for the Website visitor/user to enter his/her preferences every time he/she visits the Website. The Company and its authorized associates have access to any information related to the cookies.

In case you do not agree with the collection of data through cookies you may use the settings of most browser programs on internet, where you may choose to delete any existing cookies and choose either for their automatic rejection in the future or to decide to reject or accept these from your computer. It is noted that in case you reject cookies, the use of certain parts of the Website may become difficult or not possible at all.