Ralli, Michael (Miké) Th.

ALSO APPEARS IN THE ARCHIVE AS: Ralli, [Michael Th.] - [Ralli], Mikes [Th.] - R., M. [Ralli, Michael Th.] - Ralli, Michael [Th.] - Ralli, M[ichael Th.] - [Ralli], Miké [Th.] - [Ralli], Michael [Th.] - Ralli, Michael (Miké) Th.

Mike Th. Ralli (1866-1889) was born in Alexandria (Egypt) and was the son of Theodore Ralli, who had served as president of the Greek Community of Alexandria (1871-1885). Mike Ralli was a close friend of C. P. Cavafy (they were also classmates at the “Hermes” Pragmatic Lyceum). A significant part of their correspondence is preserved in the Cavafy archive. He died of typhoid fever at a young age.