Valieri (Cavafy), Hariclia

ALSO APPEARS IN THE ARCHIVE AS: [Cavafy (Valieri)], Hariclia - [Cavafy (Valieri), Hariclia] - [Cavafy (Valieri)], Charikleia - Valieri, Hariclia

Charikleia Theodora Cavafy (1896-1983) was C. P. Cavafy’s niece, the daughter of his brother Aristeidis and Maria Vourou. She was born in Alexandria (Egypt), where she married Geronimo Valieri in 1923. Until that year, she used to meet with the poet frequently. During the 1923-1947 period she travelled to Europe with her husband, her daughter and her mother. From 1957 until the end of her life she lived permanently on the island of Lesbos (Greece).