Singopoulo, Alekos D.

ALSO APPEARS IN THE ARCHIVE AS: Singopoulo, Aleco - [Singopoulo, Alekos D.] - [Singopoulo], Alekos - Segkopoulos, Alekos - Singopoulo, Alex. - Singopoulo, Al. D.

Alekos (Alexandros) Singopoulo, son of Dimitrios and Maria, was born at Chalkida (Greece) on February 2 1898, older of four brothers. He and Cavafy first met in Alexandria in 1917. He was a graduate of the Salvageios School of Commerce and worked for Greek companies in Egypt as well as a broker. He married Rica Agallianou (Singopoulo) in 1926 and lived in the same building with Cavafy, eventually becoming his general heir. He died in Athens (Greece) in 1966.