Singopoulo (Agallianou), Rica

ALSO APPEARS IN THE ARCHIVE AS: [Singopoulo, Rica] - Segkopoulou, Rika - Singopoulo, Rica

Rica (Rodopi) Agallianou studied Law and worked at a law firm in Alexandria (Egypt). She directed (together with A. G. Symeonidis) the journalAlexandrini Techni; she was also a columnist for the newspaper Tachydromos and a member of the Press Office of the Greek Consulate in Alexandria. She wrote poems and essays. She was the first to publish Cavafy’s 154 “canon” poems in Alexandria in 1935. Her first marriage was to Alekos Singopoulo and she was very close to Cavafy during the last decade of his life. She died in Athens (Greece) in 1956.