Pargas, Stefanos

ALSO APPEARS IN THE ARCHIVE AS: Pargas, S. - [Zelitas], Nikos - Zelitas, Nikos

Stefanos Pargas (1888-1938, pen name of Nikos Zelitas) was born and lived in Alexandria (Egypt). He was a member of the Nea Zoi literary society (and a member of the editorial board of the Nea Zoi journal) up to 1910. He was the co-founder and principal member of the journal Grammata (1911-1919, 1920-1921), which he published alone during the last two years, and owner of the Grammata publishing house (which had published works by Palamas, Voutyras, Mavilis, Myrtiotissa, Varnalis, etc.). Subsequently, he founded the journal Panegyptia (1926-1928, 1931-1938), which also published texts against the dictatorship of 4th August 1936 in Greece.